scroll down for more... including 2015 outdoor shoots & Dead-Eye Tim(!)... CLICK HERE for Halloween 2015 and HERE for Saltram and the Piazza! At the bottom: a Beginners' course... and Steve's longbow!
A few photographs from a club night...
Whilst certain aspects are taken seriously, we do have other events besides "club nights" ... an outdoor shoot and barbeque held last summer was a great success, as were our Halloween and Christmas themed nights... the celebrity Bunny is sometimes present too!
Below is a group photo... it marks the end of another extremely successful Beginner's Course.

Every so often, you simply have to let your hair down... Here are some photographs from our 2015 Easter Fun Evening. The infamous "Bunny" was present... as were friends and family ( some of whom are guide dog trainers ).

On a more serious note, here's a photograph taken at our April 2015 Taster Session; it was well attended with a lot of interest shown in our next Beginners Course.
Here's two photographs from our first outdoor shoot of 2015...
... and two more from July 21st...
Tim is one of our members who is fast becoming a great archer!
Once again, six very busy sessions...
Our coaching team.
Another successful course... congratutions one and all!
"... not bad for a bIt of wood and a piece of string...!"